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Debbie Nowinski

Here's what people are saying...

I have been tremendously blessed by Beatrice's music and life.  Her words of encouragement always uplift me and point me toward Jesus.  Her music draws me closer to the Lord and causes me to enter into worship with our Creator.  I thank the Lord for bringing our lives together.
Debbie Nowinski, Pinellas Park, Florida


Morning Manna gives me something positive to think about, uplifts my spirit and helps me through my day.  You have a beautiful voice and you bring so much feeling to the words of the songs.  I can tell you have experienced what you are singing.  Your songs turn my heart to spiritual things and away from the cares of this world.

Susan Riley, Bradley, CA

I am praising the LORD for A Song And A Prayer.   It is so comforting and uplifting.
I have seen  and heard such miracles when you sing in church.  I have seen stoney hearts melt, and a lethargic congregation lifted with great enthusiasm to sing God's praise as you led them.
I shared my cassette with an older couple when I visited them.  The husband had Alzheimer's Disease and no longer spoke.  When this man heard you singing he kept saying, "good music, good music" and the expression on his face changed from dull to radiant.
Lois Ervin, Canoga Park, CA